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Our extensive range of aluminium windows means we have the perfect window style to suit every type of home. Our aluminium bi-fold windows are very firm and stable. Whether you have a modern, contemporary home or a character villa, require large spans, a varying profile shape, or need special features, we have the perfect double glazing window in Auckland.

Awning &

Awning & Casement windows are a classic option with great versatility.

  • Awning windows can be partly opened in the rain
  • Can be used in conjunction with other formats and fixed windows
  • Customisable to any width and height
  • Options available to incorporate passive ventilation
  • Many of these windows can also be made as casement (side opening) windows.

Popular Awning & Casement window configurations


Sliding windows are great where you want lots of light and good airflow.

  • Such windows are ideal for large open spans and serveries
  • Maximise views with large glass panels and interlocking frames
  • Bi-parting or stacking configurations are available
  • Depending on range, the sliding panel/s can be on the inside or the outside.

Popular Sliding window configurations:


  • Functional and stylish, bi-fold windows fold open for undisturbed views and excellent airflow.
  • Panels easily glide and stack on to each other
  • Suitable for large spans A layback option allows the windows to fold back against the wall.

Popular Bi-fold window configurations:


Custom windows are designed according to your home’s specifications.

  • Louvres and angular windows can be created
  • Create extra space and light with box and bay windows
  • Greenhouse and conservatory windows are possible.


Keeping the Vintage Look

If you have a villa or wooden bungalow and need or want to maintain your wood frames. In that case, Ali-Frame can insert Vantage double-glazed units instead, so you can keep your home’s original look and feel but reap energy-efficient benefits and create a healthier home. Our extensive range for vintage homes includes:

  • Square beads
  • Colonial bars
  • Leadlights and Stained Glass
  • Double hung window
  • Victorian style architraves
  • Timber facings
  • Dummy sills

Heritage Window Inserts


*The colours shown are an onscreen guide only and no guarantee can be given that they will be an exact colour match for the finished product. View our physical swatches for an exact match.

Ali-Frame are your one-stop-shop when it comes to choosing the right windows and doors through to installation by our dedicated team.

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