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We came across Ali-Frame when wanting to replace our courtyard old wooden doors. We had been searching for suppliers with no success and Vantage head office put us in touch with Ali-Frame.

They visited us and discussed the job and this led onto double glazing several of the windows. Being a plastered brick construction and sloping topped frames it was far from straight forward.  The team picked up the challenge and quoted a price we accepted they then came back and did a precise measure; gave us a date they would be ready.  Exactly on that date they rang and told us they would be there Monday morning. Come Monday a truck backed down with all the frames and the installing team followed.

We were so impressed with the installing team such a happy crew and worked well. After this first stage we were so impressed we decided to carry on and replace all the old windows and ranchsliders. The same with the second order delivered on the date, the team turned up and all done in good tradesman workmanship. Some minor problems were quickly attended to. Overall, we are delighted with the work and the company.

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